Loire reds

The 23 February tasting was on red Loire wines and was presented by David Rorke. It featured 15 red wines, focusing on the ‘big three’ appellations of Chinon, Bourgueil and Saumur-Champigny, together with a scattering of wines from other appellations. The intention was to show more mature wines. The wines were: Couly-Dutheil Vin de Table de France Blanc de Franc 2008, Alphonse Mellot Sancerre Génération XIX 2004, Dom. de Bellivière Coteaux du Loir Hommage à Louis Derré 2002, Dom. de la Butte Bourgueil Mi-Pente 2004, Charles Joguet Chinon Les Varennes du Grand Clos Cabernet Franc de Pied (ungrafted) 2002, Couly-Dutheil Chinon Clos de l’Echo 1989, 1990, 1997 & 2002, Ch. Pierre Bise Anjou-Villages Sur Schistes 2001, Couly-Dutheil Chinon Clos de l’Echo Cuvée Crescendo 1997, Ch. de Villeneuve Saumur-Champigny Vieilles Vignes 1996, Ch. de Villeneuve Saumur-Champigny Le Grand Clos 1996, Pierre-Jacques Druet Bourgueil Cuvée Vaumoreau 1990, Dom. des Roches Neuves Saumur-Champigny Cuvée Marginale 1996.



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