Catalunya (Priorat & Penedès)

We now did a reconnoitre of the area we plan to visit in spring 2011: Catalunya.  The tasting was presented by Carol Cunningham, who spent two weeks in the region in late June/early July and assembled the following exciting range of wines to whet our appetites for the 2011 trip:

Sabate i Coca Brut Reserva Familiar Cava 2007
Terroja de Sabate i Coca Penedès 2007
Nelin Clos Mogador Priorat 2008

Kyrie Costers del Siurana Priorat 2006
Acustic Blanc Montsant 2009
6 Vinyes de Laorona Montsant 2004
Finca Dofi Priorat 2005
Clos Martinet Priorat 2005

Clos de L’Obac Priorat 2004
Celler Vall Llach Idus Priorat 2004
Vall Llach Priorat 2004

Clos Mogador Priorat 1999

Dolc de L’Obac Costers del Siurana Priorat 2005


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