On 28 February 2012 we met to taste a collection of sherries assembled by Kevin Summons-Walsh, a well-known aficionado of all things Jerez. Don Kevin gave us a brief run-down of the wines and mentioned that many of them were unique and quite rare, for example the Palmas and the Almacenistas as well as the VORS wines.

Delgado Zuleta La Goya Manzanilla (75 cl) €17.00
Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe (75 cl) €14.00
Gonzales Byass Una Palma Fino (50 cl) €14.88 – one of the favourites of the night’s tasting
Gonzales Byass Dos Palma Fino (50 cl) €19.05
Gonzales Byass Tres Palma Fino (50 cl) €41.68
Lustau Almacenista Jurado Manzanilla Amontillada (75 cl) €34.50
Sanchez Romante NPU Amontillado (75 cl) €39.50
Lustau Almacenista Vides Palo Cortado Single Cask (75 cl) €33.50
Valdespino Don Gonzalo VOS Oloroso (75 cl) €34.00
Lustau VORS Amontillado (50 cl) €59.95
Lustau VORS Palo Cortado (50 cl) €59.95
Lustau VORS Oloroso (50 cl) €59.95

Lustau Oloroso Anada 1989 (75 cl) €40.00
Valdespino Solera 1842 Amoroso (75 cl) €34.00
Lustau  Rare Cream (75 cl) €23.50
Lustau Murillo Pedro Ximenez (75 cl) €44.95


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