Many thanks to Tim and Richard for organising the recent Port tasting, which was held on 29 January 2013. The wines tasted were as follows with a few different themes. Firstly 3 cask aged Tawnies from the same producer. Then onto the traditional ports starting with an LBV and a Single Quinta and then a mini-vertical of fabulous vintage ports topped off with a vintage port from the famed 1963 vintage.

Tim started off with some details on Port in general and mentioned that only 1% of all Port made is vintage Port. Also the biggest markets for Port are France, Netherlands and Belgium and the in 4th place the UK.

IMG_6467(1) Grahams 10 year old Tawny Euro 30.00
(2) Grahams 20 year old Tawny Euro 55.00
(3) Grahams 40 year old Tawny Euro 145.00
Many tasters preferred the 20 year old out of the three.

IMG_6466(4) Smith Woodhouse LBV 2001 Euro 30.00

(5) Grahams, Quinta Dos Malvedos 1998 Euro 50.00
This single Quinta Port comes from Grahams flagship vineyard and 1998 was considered a 3-star vintage.

Next we tasted three Vintage port from different producers but all from the highly acclaimed 1983 vintage.

IMG_6468(6) Quarles Harris Vintage 1983 Euro 70.00
Quarles Harris was founded in 1680 and again
is part of the Symmington group.
(7) Grahams, Vintage 1983 Euro 90.00
(8) Dows, Vintage 1983 Euro 90.00

IMG_6470(9) Dows, Vintage 1963 Euro 250 Approx
1963 was a very important vintage for Port and there was a large quantity of Vintage Port produced which was probably the most from any vintage since 1929. It was also the last vintage made by Dow’s which was foot trodden in Lagares.

Looking forward to our next tasting which is a blind tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon wines from around the world.


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