White Hermitage (Dipso Day)

The White Hermitage tasting, which cost €55, was held after our AGM on 24 June and led by David Rorke. Fifteen wines were tasted:

1) Delas Frères Marquise de la Tourette 2011
2) Delas Frères Domaine des Tourettes 2012
3) Chapoutier Chante-Alouette 2012
4) Chapoutier Chante-Alouette 2013
5) Chapoutier Chante-Alouette 2014
6) Chapoutier De l’Orée 2001
7) Chapoutier Le Méal 2001
8) Chapoutier Le Méal 2009
9) Marc Sorrel Les Rocoules 2011
10) Marc Sorrel Les Rocoules 2012
11) Marc Sorrel Les Rocoules 2013
12) Marc Sorrel Les Rocoules 2014
13) Saint Cosme La Pierrelle 2013
14) Jean-Louis Chave 2004
15) Jean-Louis Chave 2006


One response to “White Hermitage (Dipso Day)

  1. Mary McCormack

    Fabulous wine tasting, a unique chance to try these wines.

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