Dipso Day: St-Péray & Cornas

On 30 June, Dipso Day, we had our AGM and a tasting of St-Péray and Cornas wines.
St-Péray is the immediate neighbour of Cornas and is now regarded as an up-and-coming white wine appellation, having thrown off the dowdy image of somewhat sweet and heavy sparkling wines to fashion exciting dry white wines which showcase the terroir (which unusually for the granitic Northern Rhône contains some limestone-based lieux-dits).
Cornas is the southernmost of the ‘big three’ Northern Rhône red wine appellations and following a period of stasis has exploded into new life over the last 10–15 years, with a changing of the guard at some of the domaines and the arrival of younger vignerons keen to exploit the undoubted potential of the unique terroir. We tasted 18 wines. The tasting, which cost €60, was led by David Rorke.

(1–6) Domaine Bernard & Fabrice Gripa Les Figuiers 2011 to 2016 inclusive

(7–10) Domaine Alain Voge Vieilles Vignes 2009–2012 inclusive
(11) Domaine Alain Voge Les Vieilles Fontaines 2012
(12) Domaine Dumien-Serrette Patou 2012
(13) Maison Delas Chante-Perdrix 2010
(14) Domaine Dumien-Serrette Patou 2010
(15) Domaine Courbis Les Eygats 2010
(16) Domaine Guillaume Gilles Chaillot 2010
(17) Domaine Franck Balthazar Chaillot 2010
(18) Domaine Thiérry Allemand Reynard 2011


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